All Kam Kaddie models come with a standard 2 year warranty from the date of purchase.
The warranty is only valid with proof of purchase, please keep your original receipt on file.


2 Years

Parts, Batteries, and Chargers

Kam Kaddie will repair or replace any defective parts or materials in the event that
it has been properly used and maintained as an electric golf cart caddie.

This warranty will only be offered in the country in which it is purchased across all Kam Kaddie models, batteries, and chargers and
is non-transferable across different countries.

the warranty will be void if:

  • Any alteration performed by non-authorized people or companies.
  • Fitting of parts or accessories not recommended by Kam Kaddie.
  • Any damage caused by continued usage of the product even after it's known to be defective.
  • Damage caused by partial or complete water entry into the motor, gearbox, or other major electronic components. 
  • Damage caused by the Kam Kaddie being driven into bunkers, course hazards, clubhouse hazards, or carpark hazards.
  • Damage caused by golf clubs or golf balls.
  • Application of external force to any part of the unit or battery.
  • Fusion of motor or electronics through overload or continual stationary operation.
  • Normal wear and tear (tires, straps, paint finish, battery performance, axle threads, charging ports on batteries & remotes, screen, etc.)
  • Minor appearance defects that bear no effect on the operation of the Kam Kaddie are considered, by manufacturer standard, to be within accepted standards.

In the event of water damage submersion (full or partial) with your Kam Kaddie, we advise to full write-off your electronic golf caddie. The cost of replacing water-damaged components exceeds the price of replacement. If you do choose to replace any damaged components, this will pose a high risk of future failure contributing to your currently working components. In addition, those parts will be not be covered by warranty.